BerbaRicca - Montericco

Colour:Deep red with purplish highlights
Perlage:Thin,rich with pink evanescent froth
Scent:rich,characteristic,red fruits
Taste:Characteristic,fresh,pleasent,armonic,right frame,snaped up,dry
To drink:With baked pasta (Lasagne),filled pasta with spinach (tortelli) and hamburger
Terroir:Hilly,with steep slopes exposed on south west,with clay and plaster
Yield:No more than 80 hl/ha
Altitude:300/400 mt bls
Average density:3000 grapevines/ha
Vineyard type:Spalliera
Overall alcohol:11,20%vol
Residual sugar:10gr/lt
Service temperature:8/12°C
Alcohol content:10,50%vol
Total acidity:
Price: €3,20