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The winery

Production techniques

After so many years dedicated to viticulture we decided to make our winery. Pressing occurs within 2 hours of harvest to prevent oxidation of the product, brought to a temperature of 16 ° starts the process of extracting the elements of the skin.After a period, more or less long depending on the variety and the color obtained, racking happens with separation of the skins from the must, which continues to ferment, it turns into wine of great quality.The fermentation is controlled only with the help of the cold. After fermentation the wine is decanted and filtered with different methodologies to then be placed in autoclaves for the outlet of the final foam.
The whole production of our wines, as well as transformation and bottling is made entirely of our equipment in our winery "Collequercia".Our ongoing commitment has the intention of returning a product of the highest quality with an emphasis on all phases of production, from the care of our vineyards, harvest, manufacture, processing, so until bottling.Our wines are now ready to reach your table, your retailer, your restaurant.
Our production
Our production of bottles is subject to the amount of the grape harvest. During these years has been steadily increasing due to the continuous increase in the area cultivated with vineyards. All our wines are "sparkling" is our character .... bubbles are for us an essential element of life.
Winery "Collequercia"
It is located at the highest point of Rondinara, a village located in the center of 4 municipalities: Scandiano, Viano, Albinea and Castellarano, in the province of Reggio Emilia.